Air Conditioner Cleaning Will Improve Air Quality In Your Building

An air conditioner does more than cool air in your building. During the cooling process, it reduces the air's capacity to carry moisture. This makes it an effective dehumidifier. There is also the fact that it is armed with air filters. These filters help to remove any dirt and mold particles in the air entering the system. They, therefore, help to reduce the amount of impurities in your building. The air conditioner's ability to reduce both humidity and impurity levels in your building usually goes a long way towards making your building comfortable. However, this is usually made almost impossible when an air conditioner becomes dirty. Cleaning the following air conditioner parts will restore this ability, guaranteeing better air quality in your building.

Air filter cleaning

Air filters form an air conditioner's first line of defense. Unfortunately, as they continue trapping impurities from the air, they themselves can become clogged. And when they do, they become a liability.

The force that the air handler generates can dislodge the accumulated particles from the filters. This then introduces these particles into the air circulation system, something that will then increase the amount of impurities in your building. Also, clogged filters are ineffective as far as trapping unwanted particles is concerned.

To improve the air quality in your home, remove your filters and then dip them in a solution of vinegar. Leave them in the solution for a couple of minutes and then gently wipe off any dirt that is on the filters. Placing them back will re-arm your system with an effective dirt-filtering defense system that will ensure an impurity-free building.

Evaporator coil cleaning

Any dirt that enters the evaporator coil usually settles on the surface of the evaporator coil. And when a sufficient-enough amount of dirt accumulates on the coil, it insulates the coil. This layer of insulation then reduces the efficiency with which the evaporating refrigerant absorbs heat from the passing air. This has an effect not only on the cooling effectiveness of the air conditioner, but also on the capacity of the system to dehumidify air.

An air conditioner dehumidifies air when it cools it to such a point that any moisture in the air is forced to condense. The amount of moisture that is removed as a result of the cooling process is therefore dependent on the ability of the system to cool air. Accumulation of dirt on the evaporator coil reduces the cooling effectiveness of the coil, something that then reduces the amount of water that the system eventually removes from air in a building. This is a problem that is easily solved by cleaning the evaporator coil.

For more information and help with maintaining your air conditioner, contact a commercial HVAC company, such as J. P. Griffin Inc..

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