Comparing The Average Costs Of Ductless And Forced-Air AC Systems

You have heard that ductless AC systems cost less, so you are considering installing a new ductless system for your air conditioner replacement. Wait a second! The ductless systems do not actually cost less, and you may benefit from sticking with a conventional system; especially if you already have the ductwork installed in your home. Here is how these different types of AC systems compare and the cost associated with different types of AC solutions:

1. The Actual Cost of Ductless AC Per 10,000 BTU

Ductless AC systems carry the myth that they are a low-cost air conditioning solution. The cost of having a ductless AC unit installed will cost more per 10,000 BTU than a conventional forced air unit. This price comparison does not include the installation of ductwork, which is where the confusion is when it comes to the price of a ductless AC installation. If you are only installing a new AC unit, it will cost less to stick with your ducted AC system. If you do not have existing ductwork, then installing a ductless system may make sense economically.

2. How Using Existing Ductwork Saves Money on AC Installation

With an existing AC system, you may want to use the ducts that you already have installed. The only costs will be the cost of the system and labor to have it installed. Ductless systems will cost more to install than reusing the ductwork. The only extra costs that you may want to consider is any repairs and improvements that the ductwork may need. Usually, if you use the same sized system, most of the ductwork will remain and only small repairs will be done like sealing air-leaks.

3. The Benefits of Using Forced Air Systems That Give You More Options

Forced-air HVAC systems are an ideal solution for your home because of the options they give you. Not only will you be able to save money with the replacement of your existing AC, but you will also have options like using alternative energy. If you decide to use geothermal energy for your heating and cooling system, the same ducts can be used for this system. The force air system can also be improved with the installation dampers for zoned HVAC designs and other energy efficient solutions.

Before running to have a ductless AC, system installed in your home, you will want to consider some of these factors. Contact an HVAC installation service, such as Soco Air Conditioning, and talk with them about the best options for your home and your budget. 

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