Temperature Taming: Strategic Areas To Place An AC Unit In A Studio Apartment

If you are a single person in an expensive city, you may be able to live inside of a studio. This means that you can heavily reduce the cost of living for you, but still own your very own space. Once you have purchased your studio, you can set it up in a way that will be beneficial to your lifestyle. One of the items that you need will need in a city that gets hot is an air conditioning unit. Before you get ac installation inside of your studio, you would determine the most strategic area for placement. You do not want to have too many vents inside of a studio in order to keep the cost low. Here are three strategic areas to place the air conditioning vents or units to save decor and walking space in your studio. 

Inside of the bathroom

Bathroom ventilation is important, especially in a big city. Bathrooms need a way to vent out the extra humidity inside of the air. If your bathroom does not have a window or if the window is very small, a vent in the bathroom will be necessary. The ac vent inside of the bathroom can stop mold from growing, which can easily spread since you live in a studio apartment. 

Halfway between the sleeping and living area

It is common for the living room area and the bedroom area to be right next to one another inside of a studio. If this is the case for you, place the air conditioning vent halfway between the living room area and the bedroom area. You want yourself and your guests to be comfortable everywhere in the home, including the bedroom and the living room. With the vent placed between both, you will be able to control the temperatures in both of these areas. If there are windows where light filters through, you may wish to combat the heat of the sun by moving the vent a few inches closer to the direction that the windows are located. 

Inside of the kitchen area

The kitchen area is sure to get hot, due to the oven, stove, and other electrical appliances. For this reason, you want a vent right inside the kitchen area. Even if you have a one-wall galley kitchen, a vent in front of the kitchen will help to keep the hot air from spreading all over the studio. Keeping the kitchen temperature in check will make sure that your studio remains comfortable at all times. 

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