A Guide To Vacation Property HVAC Maintenance

If you need to be sure that your vacation home is well cared for, maintaining the HVAC system is critically important. Whether you rent out a lush condo in the heat of South Beach, Miami or a little cottage in Colorado Springs, you'll need for these properties to withstand the extreme temperatures. This way, you'll best be able to accommodate travelers if you rent it out, or will be comfortable when you plan out your own trip to visit the vacation property. With this in mind, read on and use these tips to make the most of your vacation property HVAC system.

#1: Keep the vacation property's filters changed

When you need for the vacation property's HVAC system to work, it is important that you change the filters. The HVAC filters will allow the system to circulate air without debris clogging airflow. When airflow is not clogged, the system is able to operate to its full potential, while being less wasteful of energy. These air filter should be changed every couple of months or so, depending on how often the property is occupied. New filters will cost between $15 and $25 in most cases.

#2: Keep the vacation property insulated fully

 Every few years, you should bring a home repair contractor out to the vacation property in order to inspect its insulation. Even the slightest insulation faults will cause an HVAC system to be far less effective. When it is less effective, it will have to work harder and will cost more money. Have a professional come out to inspect the R-values of the insulation. Installing insulation might cost anywhere between $875 and $1894. You can choose between spray foam insulation, fiberglass insulation and other forms of insulation, to make sure that your home's thermal capability is protected and that everyone inside is comfortable during the hot and cold months.

#3: Keep a contract with property managers

One of the best things you can do in order to get the most out of HVAC service is to hire property managers. In many situations, property managers keep their own maintenance crew on staff and can answer any kind of house calls and maintenance calls that you have for the vacation property. By having this contract in place, you can pretty much count on your air conditioner and heater being cared for by a professional on a retainer basis.

 Use these tips so that you are best able to get all you need out of your heating and cooling system.

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