Two Signs That There's A Problem With Your Main Water Line

Although it's hidden, the main water line is one of the most important appliances in your home.  It is the pipe responsible for transporting water from the main city center into your house, giving you the ability to bathe, cook and clean.  Because the water line is situated beneath your house, it can be difficult to tell when there is a problem with it.  Although you might be dealing with some unwanted symptoms, you may not correlate the issues with the main water line.  Use this information to learn more about the signs that there's a problem with your main water line.

You Have Reduced Water Pressure

One of the main signs that there's something amiss with your main water line can be detected by noting your water pressure.  If you start to find that the water doesn't come out of the faucet as strongly as it used to, it's time to have a plumbing services company take a look at that water line.

Understand that the water typically rushes through the pipes at a relatively high rate.  This means that when it is released from the spigot, it should definitely have a bit of force behind it.  However, if the main water line is backed up or has somehow burst, the water will tend to trickle through the pipes rather move quickly.  When this happens, you'll find that you turn on the faucet only to be greeted by a drizzle of water that barely has enough power to do anything.

Your Water Is Discolored

Another sign that there's something wrong with your main water line occurs when your water is discolored.  This sign can be especially unsettling because you might not realize that there is something wrong with the color of your water until after you've taken a sip.

If a hole has been punctured into your water line, it's quite possible for soil to seep into the pipes.  The change in color could be very subtle, so it's important not to take your water for granted.  Pay close attention to the condition of your water while showering and performing household duties.  If you find that there is a change in the color of your water, seek out professional assistance immediately.

You have what it takes to remedy any issues that pertain to your main water line.  If you notice either of these symptoms popping up, get in touch with a plumbing contractor who can help you as soon as possible.

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