Time For A Service Call: 3 Signs Your Stove Is About To Fail You

If you don't pay much attention to your stove, you should be. You might not realize this, but a malfunctioning stove can turn into an accident waiting to happen. Even something that you think is a minor issue could actually be a major concern, one that has the potential to cause serious injuries to you, or someone you love. Pay attention to your stove. If you notice any of the problems described below, contact an appliance repair technician as soon as possible.

There's a Strong Gas Odor

If you have a gas stove, it's normal to smell gas for a few seconds after turning the burners on. However, that odor should go away after a minute or two. Once the odor is gone, it should stay away throughout the cooking process. If the gas odor lingers for longer than a minute or two, or it returns while you're cooking, you need to have your stove looked at as soon as possible. You could have a leak in your gas line. Turn the gas off to the stove, and don't use it until a repair technician can come out and look at it.

You Can't Control Burner Temperature

If you have an electric stove, the burner temperature should stay consistent once you turn it on. If your burner temperature is self-adjusting going either higher or lower than the setting, you've got a problem with the heater element in your electric burner coils. This can be a problem for a couple of reasons. First, if it gets too hot, it could start a fire. Second, if the temperature goes too low, your food won't cook properly, which could lead to health risks. If you can't control the burner temperature on your electric stove, call your repair technician and schedule a service call. Avoid using the problem burner until the necessary repairs can be made.

You've Got Cracks in Your Ceramic Cook Top

If you've got a ceramic cook top stove, and you've been noticing small cracks in the cook service, you need to stop using your stove immediately. The temperature settings for your cook top are housed inside the ceramic top. Once the ceramic surface is cracked, the heat can't be contained to one area, which means the entire surface can overheat, and shatter. Don't risk serious injuries. If you've got cracks in your ceramic cooktop, contact a service technician immediately.

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