3 Ways To Ensure Your AC System Is Running Effectively

Just because you have an air conditioning system in place doesn't mean that it is running effectively. If you want your air conditioning system to run effectively, you need to be careful about the location of your thermostat, keep your unit in the shade, and stay on top of cleaning your filters.

1. Check Where Your Thermostat Is Placed

Be careful about where you place your thermostat in your home. If you want your thermostat to provide you with an accurate reading of the temperature in your home, you need to make sure that your thermostat is not placed anywhere where it will be exposed to excess heat that is not found throughout your home.

For example, you don't want to place your thermostat right near your stove or near your dryer, both appliances that emit heat when in use. This can cause your thermostat to register your home as being much hotter than it actually is, resulting in your air conditioner running more than it should.

Also, make sure that your thermostat isn't located where it will be directly exposed to the sunlight. Sun hitting your thermostat can throw off the readings as well.

2. Keep Your Unit in the Shade

You want to be careful about where you place the outside component of your air conditioning unit as well. By keeping your unit in the shade, you will allow your unit to run as effectively as possible. Your air conditioning unit pulls in outside air and cools it off before pumping the air through your home. When your air conditioning unit is covered and in the shade, it will take less effort for your air conditioning unit to cool the air your home needs.

3. Stay on Top of Your Air Filters

At the start of the summer, before you start using your air conditioner, be sure to replace or clean your air filter. Don't just forget about your air filter for the rest of the hot season though! Check your air filter on a monthly basis to see if it needs to be cleaned or replaced. When your air filter gets clogged up, it can really impact the performance of your air conditioner, so set a reminder in your phone so you remember to check on the state of your air conditioner at least once a month while you are using it frequently.

Help your air conditioner run as effectively as possible by making sure that your thermostat isn't placed somewhere where it will be exposed to indirect heat. Keep your outside unit in the shade, and make sure that you keep your air filter clean. For more information, contact a company like Jahnke  Heating & Air.

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