Air Conditioning Stopped Working? What To Check And Do

If your air conditioner just stopped working and you aren't sure what is wrong, you want to call the HVAC company to make sure that you don't have any major problems or concerns. You want to make sure that there isn't an electrical problem in the home, and you want to get the air conditioning running again so you can be comfortable. Here are some of the things that you can do, so you can give the contractor an idea of what may be wrong. 

Check the Breaker

A simple step that many people often skip or overlook is to make sure that there is power to the air conditioner. If the breaker has a complication or is blown, try to reset the breaker and see if this fixes the problem. If that doesn't work, then you may have bad fuses, or there are other types of problems with the unit.

See if the Fan Is Frozen

If the fan isn't blowing or moving and you can see that it is frozen in place, this usually indicates that there is a Freon leak. You want to have an HVAC expert come to fix the leak, refill the unit, and then tune the unit up, so you don't have problems with the fan. If the fan was trying to turn and move while it was frozen into place, it may have blown the motor. Other repairs may need to be repaired because of a jammed fan.

Bad Filtration Problems

Changing the filter on the unit is essential to maintenance. If you haven't in a long time, then you may have debris clogging up the sensors or the unit could have overheated, and now everything is shut down or isn't working properly. Have the HVAC professional not only replace the filter but take the time to clean all of the internal components as well.

If there are multiple issues and concerns with the unit, then you may want to consider replacing it, depending on how old it is, how efficient the unit is, and if you want to invest your money in something new instead of repairing something that may break again because it's old. Talk with the contractor to see what they think of the unit, if they would fix or repair it, and to see what the cost will be to fix the current issues that you are having so you can get the air back running.

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