Threats And Problems For Your Air Conditioning System

The various performance issues that an air conditioning system may experience can have a number of causes. While it may not be possible to be extremely informed about all of the potential air conditioning problems, there are some that are more likely than others to create issues for your home.


It may not seem like the air conditioning system would be a major target for rodents. However, the ducting can be a cool and secure area for rodents to nest. The rodents may chew holes in the ducting that could decrease its performance. Also, droppings can be left in the ducting, which can spread foul smells. Treating the entire ducting system will be necessary if you suspect that rodents have infiltrated this part of the air conditioning system.


Dirt in the ducting can reduce the quality of the air that blows out of the vents. Unfortunately, this is not the only issue that dirt can cause for your air conditioning system. Excessive dirt on the air filters may restrict the flow of air into the system. Homes that are located in areas that are particularly dusty or that have numerous pets living in the home can be more prone to suffering these issues if the homeowner fails to regularly clean the system.

Mechanical Wear

An air conditioning system will run for long periods of time without being turned off. Not surprisingly, air conditioning units can experience significant mechanical wear. This wear may increase the risk of failure occurring while also decreasing the cooling capacity of the system. Mechanical wear is unavoidable for any of these systems. Correcting this wear requires professionals to service the unit. This ensures that the needed repairs can be done to correct the developing damage. Due to the fact that servicing the air conditioning system will require parts of the system to be taken apart, you may want to avoid attempting to do this type of AC maintenance yourself. You may find you are unable to put the system back together without damaging it.

Refrigerant Deterioration And Leaks

The refrigerant in the system is responsible for removing the heat from the air before it is blown into the home. Refrigerant will normally last for years without needing to be replaced or adjusted. However, leaks can cause the refrigerant level to drop, and this can decrease the cooling ability of the system. Refrigerant will also gradually lose its effectiveness. After several years, it may need to be replaced to keep the system effectively cooling your home.

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