Essential Questions To Ask Before Having A New Furnace Installed

Your home's furnace is one of the most crucial and costly elements of your HVAC system. When your furnace begins to fail, waiting to replace it is rarely an option. Unfortunately, a new furnace and its related hardware can cost several thousand dollars. In some cases, the installation of a new heater can approach almost $6000.

Because of the high cost associated with this work, it is necessary to ensure that your new furnace will provide you with just as many years of trouble-free service as the one that you are replacing. Before making any final decisions, discuss these questions with your installer so that you can choose the right furnace for your home.

Will Your Furnace Be Installed in the Same Location?

Moving a furnace is an expensive and sometimes challenging job. Furnace relocation is rarely required, but it can be desirable in a few rare instances. One of the most common reasons to relocate a furnace is to allow for more overall floor space in a finished basement, but some homeowners also choose to relocate if the original placement of the furnace is inconvenient or otherwise problematic. While your furnace can technically be moved to almost anywhere in your home, relocation is not something you should approach lightly. If you think it might be right for you, this should be one of the first things that you discuss with your installer.

Are You Changing Your Fuel Source?

Natural gas is the most economical power source for furnaces, but electric and oil heaters are still common. Often, furnaces of this type can be found in areas where gas lines are not available and where installation may be difficult or expensive. If you already have a gas furnace and intend to replace it with another one, then there is no need to worry about any significant hurdles associated with changing to a new fuel source. Replacing an oil or electric furnace with a gas unit will require coordination with your gas company and may also require you to install new gas lines in your home.

How Important is Efficiency?

Most modern units are drastically more efficient than furnaces that were commonplace even ten or fifteen years ago. This higher level of efficiency means that any new installation is likely to provide a significant improvement on your heating bill. When comparing furnaces, look for the annual fuel utilization efficiency rating. The AFUE will tell you the percentage of fuel that the furnace can convert directly into heat for your home. Modern furnaces almost always offer AFUE ratings above 90%, but many can achieve efficiencies of 98% or better. By choosing a more efficient furnace, you will save more money each month on your utility bills.

Installing a new furnace is one of the most significant maintenance jobs that any homeowner can undertake, but you can help to simplify the task by asking the right questions and working with the right contractor. For more information about furnace installation, contact a company like Bowen Refrigeration.

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