Signs You Need To Fix Your Heater Immediately

When you have a heating emergency, you don't want to wait to get your unit inspected and repaired. The right emergency heating repair specialist will work well for you and help you achieve a well-working and reliable unit. You want only the best for your heating system, so use this guide to help you determine when a heating emergency is at hand. You'll also learn what you need to do in the event of a heating crisis. 

Your heater won't turn on or off

Is your heater failing to turn on? Is the unit not turning off when you want it to? A heater that isn't responding to what you want it to do can constitute a heating emergency, especially if your heater will not turn off. There may be something wrong with the electrical wiring related to your heater, which can cause the unit to fail or be slow to respond, or there may be an actual motor malfunction. Since you want your heater to be reliable when it's in use, you want to make sure you have the unit inspected and ultimately repaired in the event that it's not working as it should.

Your heater is blowing foul air or even smoke

Is your heater blowing foul air that smells rancid or like burning rubber or chemicals? Is your heater blowing smoke or smelling a lot like fire? If it is, your motor may be worn out, the fan may be having issues with circulation, or worse, you may even have a fire in your heater. Call for emergency help right away from your heating installation specialist if you have these problems with your heater.

What to do while waiting for repairs

If you can, try to turn the heater off so you can avoid damaging your unit even more. If there is an active fire or you fear an electrical issue, refer to your local emergency authorities for further assistance and do not try to repair or touch your heater on your own.

If your heater is hot to the touch, emitting sparks or flames, or showing signs of other real danger, call for emergency help and leave the home to avoid danger. Your heating specialist will dive into the mechanics of your heater to assist in making the heater reliable and safe for operation again. You'll be billed for the repairs, service call, and other factors, so make sure you have funds ready to make payments to your heating specialist when they arrive.

Contact a local heating company like IMS Heating & Air Inc for more infomration. 

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