Spring Commercial Electrical Upgrade Guide To Help Update Your Business

Spring is here, and it is a good time to start planning upgrades to commercial electrical wiring and lighting systems to help reduce energy costs when summer gets here. The following commercial electrical upgrade guide will help you update your business with more efficient lighting and energy systems before summer:

Evaluate The Electrical Service of Your Business and Plan On Renewable Energy Investments

Older buildings often have electrical systems that are undersized for the modern technology that is used in businesses. Therefore, one of the first areas where you will want to upgrade is the electrical systems of your building. This can also be a good opportunity to start considering investments in renewable energy, which can be more than just solar panels. Some of the commercial renewable energy investments that could help your business include:

  • Thermal collectors (solar hot water heaters)
  • Compact wind turbines
  • Geothermal HVAC and mechanical installations

These can be combined with upgraded electrical service to meet the electricity and energy needs of your business without increasing your business's energy costs.

Installed Dedicated and Metered Circuits To Help Monitor The Electricity Consumption In Your Business

There are also many areas of your business where you may want to consider upgrades to the circuits. Commercial appliances need more power and can sometimes waste more electricity. Therefore, you will want to consider dedicated circuits and connections for equipment installed in your business. Some of these circuits can also have their own metered connection to allow you to monitor energy consumption and identify problems that are costly to your business.

Automation Of Mechanical Systems, Lighting, and Access To Your Business To Help Reduce Energy Waste

Today, there are a lot of options to automate the mechanical systems in your business to reduce energy loss. For lighting, this can be something as simple as timers and motion detectors as well as options for controlling the lighting in your business remotely. There are also options for improving HVAC systems and plumbing with automation solutions. The HVAC system can be improved with thermostats that are programmable and have a zoned HVAC design that eliminates energy wasted to heat and cool areas of buildings that are not being used. 

Upgrading Lighting Inside and Outside Of Your Business To Eliminate Energy Waste Due To Poor Lighting Design 

The lighting of your business is an area where investments can make a big difference in energy costs. Start outside of your building by adding solar light towers to parking lots and landscaping as well as at entrances of buildings. Inside your building, you will want to upgrade the lighting design with modern LED and CFL technology and automate lights in areas where they get left on, such as in bathrooms, storage closets, or other areas that are not frequently used or occupied.

These are some of the things that you can do to upgrade commercial electrical and lighting systems when doing spring maintenance and repairs to your business. For more information, speak with a professional who provides commercial electrical services.   

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