Air Conditioning Services to Help Maintain And Tune up Your AC Before Summer

The summer months will be here soon, and you want to be prepared for the heat. An air conditioning service can help with the maintenance that needs to be done and a lot more. Tuning up your AC is one of the things that you may want to have done to ensure it is working efficiently during the summer heat. The following AC services information will help with maintenance and tuning up your air conditioner before the summer gets here.

Preparing the AC with routine maintenance

An AC service can begin the work that needs to be done with routinely scheduled maintenance. This will start with changing the air filter and cleaning the components of the AC, such as the condensing unit. All the components will also be inspected for problems that need to be addressed before using your AC during hot weather.

Tune up your AC and calibrate the thermostat

The AC should also be tuned up before the hot weather. This process includes inspecting the system for wear and replacing parts that have worn out before they fail. In addition, an AC tune up will also include calibrating the thermostat to ensure the system is working as it should. Tuning up your AC will improve the efficiency of the system and prevent potential failures during the summer months.

Inspect the system for leaks and charging

The system will also need to be inspected for leaks and other problems that affect your air conditioning during the summer months. If the HVAC technician finds leaks, they can repair these problems before charging your AC to prepare for the summer months. The compressor can be charged with refrigerant gas, but it is important to have the leaks repaired before this is done to prevent problems from returning.

HVAC vent and duct maintenance

The vents and ducts of your AC also need to be maintained. First, your HVAC ductwork should be inspected for problems and damage that needs to be repaired. The vents inside your home should all be cleaned and checked to make sure that returns are open, and there is not anything blocking airflow. Talk to the AC repair service about fixing and updating ductwork to ensure your system has sufficient airflow.

These air conditioning services will help you with the maintenance and tuning up your AC before the summer heat. Contact an air conditioning service to have these things done before you need your cooling system again.

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