A Guide for Getting the Heat Back on Before the Next Cold Front

If your heating is not turning on when you need it, your furnace probably needs repairs. When the forecast is predicting a cold front, you want to address these problems to be prepared for it. The following residential furnace repair guide will help you prepare your heating for the next cold front:

Checking the Pilot Light for Problems

Pilot lights can be the cause of a lot of issues with furnaces. They can go out and cause the heating system to malfunction. Therefore, you will want to start troubleshooting your furnace by checking the pilot light. Some of the problems that you may have with a pilot light include:

  • Air currents or drafts that blow the pilot light out
  • Closed or damaged gas valve
  • Dirt buildup causing the pilot light to burn inefficiently
  • Malfunctioning thermocouple

The pilot light is a component that eventually wears out. Therefore, if you are constantly having trouble with the furnace not turning on, it may need to be replaced.

Addressing Issues with Thermocouples

The thermocouple is another component that you may have trouble with. This is a sensor that measures the temperature to control the gas to the furnace. Some of the signs that the thermocouple needs to be replaced include:

  • The pilot light repeatedly turns off
  • Gas shutting off when the pilot light is working
  • Dirt and debris building up on the thermocouple
  • Damaged wiring causing the thermocouple to malfunction

The issues with the thermocouple may not be obvious if the heating is still turning on. The problem is that it can cause the heating to completely shut off when there are no other problems.

Fixing Problems with Blower Fan Motors 

The blower fan is another area of your furnace where you may have issues. Sometimes, these problems cause reduced airflow. Some of the issues with your blower fan motor that you will want to look for include:

  • Bad capacitors that cause the blower to not turn on
  • Damaged fan components that need repairs
  • Frozen blower fan motor that needs to be replaced

The blower fan can be cleaned to prevent problems with your heating system. If the blower motor needs to be replaced, ask about more efficient variable speed motors. These upgrades to the motor will make your heating more efficient.

The issues with furnaces can get worse when the weather gets colder. Therefore, you will want to contact a residential furnace repair service to help deal with these problems.

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