Air Conditioning Condensing Unit Problems That Start When Weather Gets Warmer

As the weather gets warmer outside, it is time to start thinking about the AC repairs that need to be done. One area where a lot of air conditioning problems start is the condensing unit. This is often due to a buildup of dirt and grime on the unit. The problems can also be due to wear and repairs that you need to have done. The following air conditioner condensing unit problems are some of the issues you may have to deal with as the weather gets warmer:

Storm Damage Problems with Condensing Units

The AC condensing unit is a component of mechanical systems that is vulnerable to storm damage. Severe weather can cause different types of damage to the condensing unit, including:

  • Electrical damage due to lightning
  • Damage to the casing
  • Debris damage to the fan and fins

The problems with storm damage are that they may be difficult to spot. Therefore, it is good to do a thorough inspection of the condensing unit during spring maintenance. You can also do quick visual inspections after severe weather to ensure there are not any issues with the condensing unit.

Failing Fans That Need Repairs

The fan of your condensing unit is also important. It is what pulls the hot air out of your home. Therefore, it needs to be working for your AC to cool your home. Some of the problems with condensing unit fans include:

  • Worn out bearings
  • Damaged fan blades
  • Failing fan motor

The issues with condensing unit fans may cause your AC to work harder to cool your home. This can lead to wear of parts, higher utility bills, and other problems.

Problems with the Coils and Compressor

The problems with refrigerant leaks, grime buildup, and ice on components can be serious issues that need to be repaired. These issues often start with the coils and compressor, and they include:

  • Dirty coils
  • Refrigerant leaks
  • Compressor problems

The coils and compressors are where AC refrigerant leaks start. Therefore, these issues need to be repaired before your system can be recharged.

Failing Capacitors and AC Electrical Components

The capacitors and AC electrical components may be other problems that need to be repaired. The issues with AC electrical components are often inside the condensing unit or near it. Some of these AC electrical issues include:

  • Capacitor failures
  • Short circuits due to damaged wiring
  • Problems with the power main to the AC

The electrical problems with your AC can be due to a variety of issues. Often, it is just due to wear, and parts that need to be replaced as your AC gets older.

The problems with AC condensing units often get worse as the weather gets hotter. Therefore, you want to have these problems repaired before they cause serious failures. Contact a local air conditioning service to fix your condensing unit before problems get worse.

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