Heating Repairs To Be Aware Of As You Start Using Your System This Autumn

The fall weather is quickly approaching, and your heating system is going to be turning on during cold nights. Therefore, there might also be some repairs that need to be done as you start using your heating more frequently. These issues might be minor, or they might be more severe issues that need to be repaired before the weather gets worse. The following autumn heating repairs are some of the issues that you should be aware of:

Ductwork and Radiators

The ductwork or radiators are where you might want to start with heating maintenance. Repairs will be different depending on the type of heating system. With central HVAC, it is important to check all the ducts for air leaks and damaged insulation. With the radiant heating system, all the plumbing connections and valves at the radiators also need to be checked for issues. A heating repair service can help fix these issues to ensure they don't cause problems when you start using your system.

Furnaces and Boilers

The furnaces and boilers of heating systems also need maintenance. Furnaces can have issues with wear and damage after sitting idle for the summer months. If you have a furnace, it needs to be inspected for problems like bad thermocouples or issues with the heat exchanger. There might also be problems with boilers if you have radiant or hydro-air heating systems.

Electrical Heating Issues

The heating system in your home can also have problems with electrical systems that need to be repaired. There might also be various problems with electrical components of heating systems that can cause failures and require repairs. Sometimes, these issues are faulty connections or problems with motors. Fans of HVAC blowers and pumps for radiant heating systems might need to be replaced before using your system.

Thermostat Controls

The thermostat and other controls of your heating system might also need to be repaired. Modern heating systems are often a zoned design, which means that there are controls that adjust dampers to send airflow to areas of your home where it is needed. Thermostats might also need to be repaired or replaced before using your heating. You might want to have a repair service to replace the thermostat to improve the controls and efficiency of your system before winter comes.

As the autumn weather approaches, don't forget about your home's heating system. You can contact a heating repair service for help dealing with issues before winter gets here. 

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