5 Indications That The Thermostat Needs AC Repair Services

What does the AC thermostat do? How do you know when you need to repair or replace an air conditioner thermostat? This component controls the working of the AC by sending trigger signals to turn it on or off. Most people are unaware of a faulty thermostat since it rarely gets faulty. In fact, many people only realize they have a problem when their AC isn't working, and the AC repair service diagnoses a faulty thermostat. If you're having problems with your AC, there is a likelihood the thermostat is problematic. What are the symptoms of a thermostat that needs the attention of an AC repair technician?

1. Dead LED Panel 

The thermostat LED provides an interface to program the AC and shows feedback on AC performance. The panel lights up to show you when your AC is working or not. If the panel doesn't light up, there is something wrong with the thermostat. The connection could be loose, or there could be a more serious problem that requires replacing the device. 

2. Unresponsive to Input Adjustments   

If you have tried adjusting the temperature settings on the thermostat, but nothing happens, there is a chance that the device has malfunctioned. This can be diagnosed by an air conditioner service who will look at your thermostat and tell you the type of repair it needs.

3. AC Won't Turn On or Off   

If the AC is not working, the thermostat could be problematic. This fault happens when the thermostat is not sending signals to trigger the AC to be on or off. An AC repair service can test the unit to determine whether it needs repair or replacement. 

4. The Temperature Is Erratic   

When the temperature on your thermostat changes erratically, it's a clear sign that there is something wrong with the device. The thermostat's calibration or programming could be problematic. You can ask for help from an AC technician who will recalibrate and reprogram the unit to its proper settings.

5. The AC is Cycling Frequently  

If your air conditioner is frequently cycling, the thermostat likely has a problem. It means the thermostat is sending cycle signals too frequently. This will be diagnosed and proven or disproven by the AC technician. If the thermostat is working fine, they will look at other probable causes.  

When you notice one of these problems, you should call an AC technician immediately. The AC repair service will diagnose not only your thermostat but also other emerging problems. 

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