4 Tips to Help You Maintain Your Vehicle Wrap

Vehicle wraps are a great way to advertise your business and reach a wider audience without aggressive marketing tactics. However, vehicle wraps can be an investment, so you want to make sure that you talk to the manufacturer about care instructions to extend the lifespan of the wrap. Here are four tips to help you care for the wrap.

Avoid Sun Exposure

UV rays can degrade the strength of the wrap and fade any printed graphics/text. Obviously, the vehicle will be in the sun while you drive, but if you can, you should keep the vehicle in a garage, under a canopy, or in a shady parking spot.

Wash the Vehicle by Hand

Car washes tend to be too abrasive for wraps and can scratch the vinyl and weaken the adhesive around the wrap's edges. It's better to wash the vehicle by hand with simple soap and water. Ask the wrap manufacturer for a recommended brand of soap. Kitchen/bathroom cleaners, solvents, or cleaners with oil bases can damage vinyl wraps.

Some manufacturers may say that pressure washing is okay for the wrap, but you may need to follow specific guidelines. For instance, the water pressure may need to be lower, and the water temperature may need to be cooler to prevent the wrap from peeling.

Take Care of Debris, like Gas Stains or Bird Poo, Right Away

After a long drive, you should take a quick look around the vehicle to check for any debris. Tree sap, gas stains, bird poo, and other debris can become incredibly difficult to remove over time once it has dried or hardened. Keep a microfiber cloth and a spray bottle in your car so that you can easily remove debris. If you didn't notice a stain quickly enough, you can soak the area in warm soapy water to soften it before removing it. It's best not to scrub the stain but blot it if you can. If you do need to apply extra pressure to remove debris avoid wiping the area when the temperature is hot outside, as that could potentially wrinkle or warp the vinyl wrap.

Get the Right Finish from the Get-Go

Some people may be tempted to polish or wax the wrap if it is becoming lackluster or faded. However, like strong solvents or cleaners, polishes or wax will just damage the wrap. Instead, you should take the vehicle in for a touch-up or have the manufacturer apply a new finish. Vinyl wraps can be made with metallic, matte, or glossy finishes, so you don't have to apply these features yourself.

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