Why Ductless AC Installation Works Best For Home Remodeling Projects

Are you wondering what AC system is ideal for your remodeled rooms? You should be looking at a system that doesn't bring design complications and is easily accommodated. Ductless ACs are becoming more popular for their advantages in overcoming these challenges. Instead of the traditional ducted AC with central heating and cooling, a mini-split allows each unit to run independently. So why does this AC installation work well when you are remodeling?  

1. No Major Restructuring Because There Is No Ductwork

Thanks to their innovative technology, ductless mini-splits can be installed and hooked up in hours. This means you won't have to tear apart your home (and then put it back together again) to make way for ductwork.

Mini-splits work well for situations where ductwork installation is difficult or impossible (particularly in older homes). All you need is a hole in your wall, which will take a few minutes with a drill—no major remodeling necessary!

2. Higher Energy Efficiency Because of Shorter Air Delivery

Because ductless systems don't require ductwork, they can achieve higher energy efficiency. This means you'll be using less electricity to cool your home and, therefore, spending less money on your electric bill. 

In addition, because of their small size and high-efficiency compressor, mini-splits can also achieve higher SEER (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) ratings than similarly sized HVAC units with ducts. Higher SEER ratings translate to better efficiency and lower power bills.

3. More Flexibility for Custom Control in Each Room

Mini-splits AC installations work best where each room requires a custom climate setting. You can set up multiple zones to control each area depending on the occupant's unique needs. For example, this would be perfect for a home office where temperatures must be cooler than those in your living room or if your bedroom has unique temperature needs.

4. No Ductwork Means Higher Indoor Air Quality

One of your first concerns about getting a new air conditioner will be whether or not it will impact indoor air quality. If you have young children or someone in your family who suffers from allergies, then you'll probably want to avoid installing ductwork in your home. Instead, try investing in a ductless system because it delivers air without collecting allergens like in a ducted system.

5. Quick and Easy Installation

A ductless mini-split is a great choice if you're doing your own home remodel. The installation process can be done in a few hours, and once it's in place, there's no need to worry about ventilation or running multiple duct lines.

A successful home remodeling must include a functional and efficient air conditioner, so you must make a good choice. Talk to your AC installers about the suitability of a ductless mini-split AC for your remodeled home.

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