Top Reasons the Air Conditioner Isn’t Blowing Hard

Each time you switch on an air conditioner, the heat in your home probably makes you feel uncomfortable. So, you expect the AC unit to start cooling the house within a few minutes. However, the unit may sometimes fail to blow enough air to regulate the high temperatures. This means that something is wrong, and you need air conditioning repair services.

But what causes an air conditioner not to blow as hard as expected? Keep reading to know more so you can take the right measure to fix the problem.

The Air Filter Is Dirty

One of the main reasons your AC system may not be blowing enough cool air is because of a clogged or dirty filter. So, start by checking the filter to see if it's clogged or if air cannot go through the component easily. You may clean it or get a new filter if it's blocked or worn. Ensure you service the AC unit regularly to prevent issues related to the filter. 

The HVAC contractor will periodically clean or replace the air filter, so you don't face problems like these. Make sure you ask the technician how often you should replace air the filter, depending on your AC unit's requirements.

The Evaporator Coil Is Frozen

An air conditioner cannot produce cool air if the evaporator coil is frozen. When this element gets extremely cold, or ice builds up on it, the ice will block the flow of air. This means that little or no air will flow through. The evaporator coil freezes when an air filter is dirty or due to a refrigerant leak. To diagnose this issue, contact an HVAC technician. They will inspect the unit and perform the necessary repairs.

The Air Duct Is Leaking

If your ductwork is damaged, the conditioned air that's supposed to get to the rooms will be lost. You'll know there is leakage if the crawl space or attic is unusually cold. The best way to deal with a leaky air duct problem is to hire an air conditioner technician. The professional will inspect the entire duct system to check for damage and perform the repair.

The Blower Is Faulty

Another component that may cause a low AC system air supply is a malfunctioning blower. Don't try to fix such an issue on your own. Usually, blowers become faulty when they have a blockage or get dirty. Also, the part will not function optimally if the wheel is stuck or the belt is loose. So, get a technician to check the blower and fix the problem.

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